Saturday, May 1, 2010

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spend my sat night with my mom,went to plaza indonesia.. chit-chat,window shopping,and i bought L.A Candy from Lauren Conrad,ok.. i already know that im sooo late.and i bought the 2nd book " sweet little lies " im lil bit confused, which book should i read first?i already read half of the " sweet little lies " book. emm.. emm

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i was browsing,and found this quote

"im moving on. no more more hurt. if you wanted me you could've had me,but you didn't. you blew your chance. now i hope youre happy living ur life,wondering " what if you took ur chances with me?" cause im no longer here. im no longer waiting"

and i was like... " hell yeah! " hahaha. oops. sorry but i forgot where i found this. if this urs then tell me,then i would put the credit asap! sorry for put this,and not ask ur permission before.. i love this too much :) ok,back to the topic, well,what can i say? now i just hoping that you would happy. and i'll try to search the right one.. :)

xx , I

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