Friday, July 17, 2009

source : flickr
i read Alanda Kariza's tweet :
AlandaKarizabloggers, please blog about Indonesia! write positive things. i am not afraid. #wearenotafraid#indonesiaunitÉ

how are you indonesia?
here i am, trying to make a post about my country,
we have a beautiful islands, we have a great beach
since my english is not good at all, and my grammar... blah!
you can see the pictures above,or just go to flickr,deviantart,google or something like that
and you'll find my beautiful country :]

for you.. terrorists
well i don't know what should i say,but

(Joel Madden Tweets)

Don't get your impression of indonesia from the news, It is one of my favorite places in the world and the people there rule. Dumb terrorist

Its sad news, but it wont scare me from going back to Jarkarta. That place is awesome, definitely going back this year or next

thankyou Joel! #indonesiaunite #wearenotafraid

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